Life With The Byes


Leah has had a lot of “firsts” happening lately.  While I know that is pretty much a given for a toddler, it is fun to see her learning new things and having new experiences every day. 

First time totally biting the pavement = first scraped knees and face

The pictures don’t really do the fall justice - she hit the concrete driveway at daycare while running at a pretty good clip and talked for a week about how she “fell down playing with Ella!” (Ella is her daycare friend).  

First Twins Game at Target Field

The view of the Minneapolis skyline at Target Field is fantastic

She was all tuckered out around the 7th or 8th inning

Another first for Miss Leah - on the way home she rode the Light Rail Train. She was pretty excited about being on the “choo choo train!” but was also pretty sleepy from the excitement of the day.

First time picking out her own outfit for the day

No surprise here, it ended up being all pink and princesses!

First time in her Big Girl Bed

You wouldn’t guess by the expression on her face here, but she climbed on the bed and exclaimed, “I love it!”

We are going on vacation to a northern MN resort with Jeff’s family in July, and we decided we didn’t want to lug the pack-n-play on this trip.  We thought we’d give it a go with Leah in a toddler bed, so she is ready by this summer.  It’s been 3 nights so far, and she has actually surprised us with how well of a transition it has been.  It has been taking her a bit longer and sometimes a little bit of crying to actually fall asleep, but once she relaxes she seems to love it.  And the mornings are great because she has been sleeping in later and really enjoys playing with her toys and books to wake up.  While we used to wake up to cries for mommy and daddy from the monitor, now we wake up to her singing songs and reading stories to her baby and animals.  I’ll take that adorable wake up call to the crying any day! 

New Cousin!

Leah had a fun meet-and-greet this weekend with her brand new cousin, Genevieve Nancy Byellin!  She was born on Friday, April 19th (happy birthday little lady!) measuring in at 6 lbs, 9 oz, and 19.5 in long. :)  We went to visit Evie while she was still in the hospital and she was a little cutie pie!

She has a big brother, Elias, who just turned two last month and I bet he will be a great big brother!

Evie with Auntie Kristen :)

Leah loved meeting the new baby!

Evie with Uncle Jeff

All Tuckered Out

Sometimes we get emails from daycare about the funny thing Leah did that day or cute pictures of her playing with her daycare friends.  Today Jeff and I had this picture in our inbox.


Notice the Crocs, Boots wrapped in her arms and Lovie seems to be snuggled in under/behind her head (more on her two sidekicks here).  The shoes are a fun new obsession of hers which usually only come off for bath time and sleeping — clearly not the case today.  

Apparently, she just laid down there and immediately fell asleep.  What a funny little girl!

Because why wouldn’t you instinctively count your green beans in Spanish?

Identifying letters :)

Leah singing her A, B, C’s!

Weekend Project: Leah gets a new closet

So, Leah’s closet rod broke earlier this week.  It took a little bit of convincing to get Jeff to realize it’s because the closet was poorly put together and not because Leah has too many clothes.  The problem was a huge pain in the neck and really needed to be fixed so we decided to give the closet a facelift to add more storage and make it more functional.  We are so happy with how it turned out!


As you can see, I wasn’t kidding when I said we needed to fix the problem- stat. 


Such a better use of the space!

Here is how it all went down…

Again, the disaster that was:

So, we gutted the closet of the shelf and broken hanging rod.

Handsom and Handy :)

Everything is out, but a few holes and nail holes remained.

We filled the holes with putty.  It goes on pink but turns white when it’s dry.

After sanding down the rough spots, adding one more layer of putty, and sanding down the rough spots again, we painted the inside of the closet with leftover paint from when we painted Leah’s room originally.

Hanging the brackets that attach the shelves.  There isn’t a light inside the closet…

First shelf is up!

All shelves are up!

Top half close up.

Bottom half close up.

The final product was fantastic.  We used Closetmaid shelving units purchased at Home Depot - and we only had to make three trips to HD to finish the whole project - so I would say that in itself is a big success. 

I’ll leave you with sweet little Leah, who at 21 months of age knows more about technology than I did well into my 20’s.

For those of you who’ve seen Dora the Explorer, this is Leah’s interpretation of Swiper’s token phrase, “oh, man!”

Note the “t” she creatively adds to the end :-)

Lovie & Boots

When Leah was first born she received lots of different baby toys and blankets from lots of different people.  At around a few months old she took a liking to a little pink dolly that she received as a baptism gift.  She never wanted to let that dolly out of her site. 


We’re not exactly sure why, but she lost interest in that dolly relatively quickly for how much she seemed to love it.   Leah then decided her Lovie was her favorite thing in the world.  She had acquired three lovies by then which we refer to as White Lovie, Green Lovie and Pink Lovie.  The three were not created equal.  White Lovie prevailed as the winner of Leah’s heart.


She also loves a cozy pink blanket that she got as one of her first gifts in the hospital.  It has tiny pictures of monkey faces on it, and a couple weeks ago once Leah really started to enjoy all things ‘Dora the Explorer’ she started calling the blanket, Boots.  We couldn’t figure it out at first, but then finally made the connection to Dora’s monkey sidekick and the monkey on the blanket.  So now, we don’t leave the house without Lovie and Boots.  At daycare when she is ready for a nap, she gathers up the two and sometimes just lays down on the floor.  Also at daycare, when Jeff gets there to pick her up, she runs around to find Lovie and Boots, and once in hand, she is ready to go.

Some pictures from this weekend of Lovie and Boots.

Lovie and Boots enjoying breakfast with Leah!


Hugs and kisses!



This is commonly what is going on with Lovie.


And of course, Lovie needs to eat a waffle too.


Counting to 10…Leah style